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Ten Things I’m Thankful For

Feeling quite disappointed with the outcome of yesterday’s election, but stories like 29-year-old Vico Sotto winning against a 27-year-old dynasty in Pasig still gives me hope. Something he said in an FB Live interview struck me. The people like those in his precinct (Valle Verde 5) still won’t be affected whether or not he wins—they’ll survive and it probably won’t matter who is in office. But there are so many people without that privilege clamoring for change and they’re the ones who rely so much on the government’s policies. These are the people he met and reached out to on his campaign trail and he promised them a change in politics. Because it’s true that the government is not just for one faction, it’s for every single one of us. If only this is how all our lawmakers would approach their job—whether they’re from the administration or opposition—can you imagine what kind of Philippines we would be living in? Hopefully this isn’t just wishful thinking because if it happened in one city, surely it can spread to the whole country, right? On a day like today, I think it’s even more important to count our blessings and look on the bright side. Tomorrow is another day to be better.

♡ my right to vote for the leaders I think my country deserves
♡ a pretty smooth voting experience. my brother and I headed to our precinct at 7 in the morning and we were having pancakes and waffles for breakfast less than an hour later.
♡ finally getting my hands on the jessica darling series by megan mccafferty (currently reading charmed thirds)
♡ finishing terrace house: opening doors part 6 and finding out they featured fukuoka in an episode—currently mapping out an itinerary for this city so I was thrilled to see this
♡ getting to see jason mraz in concert again (I’ve seen him almost all the times he’s been here. I guess there’s no stopping us?)
♡ moving into a new place and slowly turning it into a home
♡ seeing my friends more than just once a month (thanks to balikbayans and new babies)
♡ painting sanrio characters with mira and her asking if she could take home the part I drew on so she has a copy of my drawings, too
the best compliment about my cookies ever
♡ filing taxes for a new quarter, a new year (can you believe this is year 2 of freelancing already?)

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