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Currently / August 2019

Music Monday

Is it even a surprise what my most played album is? I’m so happy Taylor Swift is back.

My Top 3 so far: Paper Rings, Death by a Thousand Cuts, Soon You’ll Get Better

Tasty Tuesday

Haven’t been taking photos of things I’ve been eating but judging from the amount of food currently in my camera roll, I have clearly been eating out a lot. Also, I’ve given so much of my money to Wildflour/Little Flour, haha! Also finally tried Ben’s Cookies (there was no line!), and is it just me or are they smaller here? I remember closing my eyes when I bit into one when I first tried it in Singapore. My friend got a really dry white chocolate macadamia one. Sadface. But had my favorite Pizza Morena on the same day, so all’s well. Stayed in one night at Mikko’s condo and we had Drive-By Taco Shop, which apparently has a branch in Eastwood. Had the white adobo soft tacos and they were yum.

Made some big, fat pretzels on a random day. Made cookies at home and with my niece—who left me after scooping out the first batch. “Can you just call me when they’re finished?” My brother brought home some Marou dark chocolate, so I whipped up some of my favorite brownies. We still have 4 bars, so I’m wondering what else I can make with them. Maybe BA’s best chocolate chip cookies?

Wishful Wednesday

Started a new gig this week and it’s kicking my ass. Honestly, I think I bit off more than I can chew , but I’m just going to suck it up and follow through. That said, I must remember to never get pressured or rush into anything without asking ALL OF THE QUESTIONS, then figuring out if the work is commensurate to the compensation. Still learning, clearly. Here’s hoping I survive the next couple of months!

Thoughtful Thursday


This was a very emotional piece for me. I spent an entire night crying, reading all of the messages my family and friends sent after they read it. It was also the first time random strangers went out of their way to tell me how something I wrote moved them. Funny how something painful can actually bring out something beautiful. Thank you to Tricia and Pierra for letting me share my story. And thank you to you, if you shared in my grief, too. We’re going to be okay.

Fashion Friday


Crushing on IDLF for Uniqlo as always. I want this coat!

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