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Ten Things I’m Thankful For

It’s kind of crazy how we’re already at the tail-end of the year. How is it already the -ber months? Next thing you know, we’re already listing down New Year’s resolutions.

Just wanted to take a quick break to write down all the little things I’ve been thankful for these past couple of weeks.

♡ mornings making a cup of coffee—slowing down my morning routine has really helped me not be frantic about the things on my to-do list
this newsletter and our future media empire. we don’t dictate a schedule, and really just put out something when we feel like it, but I’m always excited to write and lay it all out. plus, chinggay and patty are probably the only two people I talk to on like a million different platforms and we never run out of anything to talk about or send to each other, haha!
♡ finding a book that reminds you of what life was like 2 decades ago
♡ small wins at work like discovering what creator studio is all about and finally being able to schedule Instagram posts through Facebook—what a lifesaver!
♡ seeing the samples of something I’ve been working with Dandy Ona Jewelry (: I’ve been wearing them since I got them over the weekend and I can’t stop staring at them! more about it this week…
♡ launching 4 different brand accounts and not losing my mind (well, barely, but I survived and that’s what counts haha)
♡ being there for friends in painful, heartbreaking moments—realizing that everyone has problems and nothing is ever too big or too small. gives you much-needed perspective.
♡ a good haircut (does wonders more than we care to admit)
♡ reconnecting with old friends and finding that though relationships rarely ever stay the same, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing
♡ the prospect of traveling again for work—always grateful for the opportunity

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