Signorina signet rings for Dandy Ona Jewelry

Signorina Signet Rings and Favorite Books

When I came out with the Prima hair accessory collection with Dandy Ona Jewelry, I had asked my friends Sam and Ralph to shoot the hair clips for the release. We ended up sending them over to the US while they were on holiday where they took gorgeous shots of the clips.

Signorina rings by Macy Alcaraz for Dandy Ona Jewelry
Holding a copy of Sola Musica, an anthology by my friends who asked me to do the calligraphy for the cover and title pages. You can see some books by Francesca Lia Block and poetry books by my fave Louise Glück.

This time around, I knew I wanted the shoot for the Signorina signet ring collection to be all hands. I may post selfies on Instagram but I’m not really comfortable being pose-y. I have no problem “modeling” with my hands though.

So, I approached Mansy and the Dandy Ona team with the idea of shooting different hands holding books while wearing the rings. Signorina means “single lady,” but the idea is that the rings are for anyone and everyone—whether you want to buy it for yourself or if you want to gift it to someone. The books represent the different kind of people we imagine wearing the rings. While we shot at a used books shop, I brought along some of my favorite books—some of them yellowed and stained from age already.

Signorina signet rings and Francesca Lia Block's Violet & Claire
Holding up Francesca Lia Block’s Violet & Claire. She also wrote Weetzie Bat, Girl Goddess #9, Echo, and many more books I read in college.

I also asked the very talented young photographer Mich Wu, who incidentally interned for us at a few years back, to shoot the collection. I remember being so impressed with her back then. She has since shot for many brands already, so I was happy when she messaged to say that she reserved a spot for us in her schedule.

Signorina signet rings and Flipped
I’m holding a copy of Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen.

We had a quick shoot that involved me half-wearing clothes I brought—different permutations of white and eyelet—and getting my face cropped out of the shots. We transferred to a coffee shop nearby and took some photos there, too. I loved that it was low-key and didn’t involve a whole lot of people.

Michelle Wu Caycay Chua Macy Alcaraz Mansy Abesamis
The shoot team: Michelle Wu (photographer), Caycay Chua (producer), Mansy Abesamis (creative director), and me!

I’ve shared many photos online already, but felt like immortalizing that day and sharing a few more shots here. Here’s to projects that feel like home and make us proud to be part of it.

You can order the Remedios, Julieta, and Miranda signet rings from the Signorina collection via Dandy Ona Jewelry online. Some hair clips from the Prima collection are available at the Commonroom x Make Space Today pop-up on the 3L of SM Aura until the end of January.

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