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The holidays are almost over. And in just a few days, we’ll be saying hello to a brand new year. Since I’ve been doing a deep dive into the past year for a workbook I’m currently filling out, thought I’d do my monthly round-up as well.

Music Monday

Definitely the highlight of my month: watching MAE live twice in a row! Got to hear my favorite songs, too. One of the best shows I’ve been to, and will always remember it!

Tasty Tuesday

Spread Goodies and Pale Blue Pot
Pale Blue Pot’s White Chocolate Ganache With Miso and Almonds and Spread’s Herb-Marinated Queso de Bola

Holidays mean snacking all day, every day. These days, I’ve been munching on crackers with these two delicious gifts I got this Christmas. The White Chocolate Ganache from Pale Blue Pot would probably taste amazing on pancakes, too! As for the Spread QdB, I’ve been putting it on eggs, too. They’d taste good in pasta or a salad, too.

Wishful Wednesday

I’ll save all my wishes for the coming year for my Unravel Your Year workbook (I’m still not done filling it out). But let’s just say that I’m opening my heart to all the possibilities coming my way and my wish is that the year turns out even better than what’s in my head.

Thoughtful Thursday

When I got my cards read last month, I was telling Chinggay how I didn’t do my pulls as diligently this year compared to last year. She said maybe I didn’t need to. It’s funny because from 0 decks, I have amassed quite a collection. It doesn’t really help that my friends have been coming out with amazing oracle decks, and I can’t resist buying them! Anyway, when Wiji was pulling cards over at the Quiet Mystic account, she got these two cards and I thought the message was spot-on. I am looking forward to what I’m moving forward into in 2020. I think that I’m finally done with all the cycles of beginning and endings.

Fashion Friday

A lot of my friends and I decided on no gifts this year, so honestly, I ended up buying myself a few treats. Haha! But there were some pleasant surprises from friends and family, too.

My brother got me that Biyahe Tote even after we said we’d skip the gifts this year since we’re spending on a hotel stay. Used it right away! Definitely one of my faves.

Technically given to me in November by Marla for my birthday, but I’ve been using Glossier’s Futuredew under makeup (well, blush and bit of powder mostly) since, and I love the glow it gives me. Say what you want about the brand, I’ll forever be a fan of Emily Weiss and her company. I want to work for her!

And lastly, the Molly Baz jumpsuit of my dreams has arrived. It’s no Ilana Kohn (um, not sure if I’m willing to spend $400 for a jumpsuit, haha) but I love it. It was 70% on Reformation, which I found out ships (for free!) to Manila. I don’t know if this is information I should’ve just steered clear of, but letting you know so I can BI you, haha.

Just a few hours ago, a friend sent me a link to a top that she said was so me and I kindly asked her to please remind me to save instead. See? I have self-control. 😛 Also, I really want to travel again next year!

Can’t believe it’s already New Year’s Eve in two days. Already know I’ll be ringing in 2020 in my pajamas, probably binging something on Netflix or curling up with a book. What are you doing for New Year’s?

P.S. Working on a year-end newsletter with my FME cohorts. Don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already. We’re also surprised we’re still at it and we’re already on our 9th volume. It’ll reach your inbox hopefully before New Year’s Day!

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