Making It a Habit

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I’ve long given up on New Year’s resolutions because most of the time, they only last all of January and then forgotten for the rest of the year. While I was filling out Susannah Conway’s Unravel Your Year workbook, there was a section where she asks you concrete, actionable ways you can bring calm into your life, encourage creative energy, etc. I thought it was a good approach to forming good habits to welcome the new year.

Just a few of the things I’ve started (and have successfully done so in the first week and a half of 2020):

Not reaching for my phone when I wake up.
Writing first thing in the morning.
Skipping rice for breakfast.
Bringing my Kindle everywhere, so I can read in traffic.
Drinking more water.

Still working on exercising (huhu, please, how do I become a person who loves to work out?!) and eating more greens/less sugar (all the baking I’ve done so far is not helping!).

I’ve also changed up the way I use my planner. I write my schedule in the monthly spread, as well as list down all the week’s important to-dos on the sidebar. Then on the weekly spreads, I try to do a quick recap of the day on the morning after. As I grow older, the more I want to look back on memories and what will I look back on if there’s no record of it anywhere? Also, I’ve amassed so many journaling paraphernalia, I think it’s about time I actually put them to use.

Also, being more diligent with documenting outfits I like and makeup I had fun with because who cares if they’re silly? Honestly really love seeing other people document theirs, too. Hello, I used to have a Chictopia account. Haha!

What about you? What habits are you trying to stick to this year?

January 8, 2020



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