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Currently / January 2020

Music Monday

One of my absolute favorite songs is “Shy That Way” by Tristan Prettyman and Jason Mraz. I remember getting Tristan’s album twentythree from Mikko when she stopped by McCann New York for a performance. I played it endlessly. In 2013, I bought one of her handmade copper bangles that says “Maybe the best hasn’t happened yet.” It has become one of those mantras that has stuck with me and gotten me through bad times. When she came out with a new record the year after, I posted the lyrics that I had written in calligraphy and she reposted it on her page.
My friend tagged me in the comments that prompted her to ask, ” did you do this? it’s beautiful! 😘”

It’s been a while since she last put out music, so this beautiful new song is a treat. Still haven’t seen her live but someday, I hope to watch her show. And hopefully she plays my favorite song—which she actually played on an Instagram live over the holidays.

Tasty Tuesday

When I first left my full-time job, my brothers suggested I go full-time with my baking. At that time, I didn’t feel I was ready yet. I still don’t think I’m ready to go full-time with it, but I’m trying to experiment on how I can make it lucrative but also sustainable for me at the same time. I’ve done 3 rounds of taking batch orders and batch deliveries and I’m learning a lot from it. It’s also crazy to me that people who aren’t family or friends have been ordering and telling me how much they like my stuff. I’m currently working on my Macy’s Fields website and I’m excited to show you when it’s done!

Wishful Wednesday

It’s feels a little insensitive to say this but January has been kind to me. Yes, it feels long (like it’s STILL January?) and all, but there were so many good things to come out of it.

In the grand scheme of things, though, I know that the world is hurting, crying even. I pray that the bush fires are put out, Taal doesn’t erupt, and the novel Coronavirus doesn’t get worse than it already is.

If you’re having a terrible start to the year, I hope you hang in there. I find that there is nothing that can’t be solved by a good night’s rest because usually things turn out better in the morning. So sleep on it. Tomorrow will be better than today.

Thoughtful Thursday

So, I’ve been trying to be more active and so far I’ve gone to two dance classes this month. If that’s not progress, I don’t know what is. Haha! I’ve also been trying to put in the time to catch up with friends, even if means going to Makati on a Sunday when I could be lazing around in bed all day.

We’re getting used to communicating with each other through DMs and group chats and IDK, sometimes, I just miss sitting across from someone talking until our throats are dry and there are tears in our eyes from laughing. Don’t you?

Fashion Friday

Arizona Love gingham sandals

Been living in these gingham sandals ever since I got them. Been crushing on Arizona Love since I first saw them on my Instagram explore feed. Taylor Tomasi Hill posted a photo of herself wearing a pair and I couldn’t shake off the want. Saw these black-and-white beauties on MatchesFashion, which I didn’t know shipped to Manila. So now there is another pair of shoes sitting in my cart waiting to be purchased. To be fair, they’re 50% off and the trainers I wore to dance class last Monday disintegrated. If my size is still available tomorrow, they’re mine!

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