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Things I’m Thankful For

Things have changed dramatically since my last gratitude list. Still trying to find the light in these dark times, so I thought it necessary to think of all the things I’m grateful for despite 2020 looking bleak.

♡ all of the front liners making sure those who are ill are taken care of; the hungry have something to eat; those making sure health workers and essential workers get to work
♡ those who have organized google sheets for donations, volunteer work, and other ways to help the front liners and those who have lost their jobs because of the lock down
♡ the food on our table (plus the patient people who answer inquiries about online deliveries)
♡ group chats with friends (taking a break from a week of video calls)—and having sense to step away from them when it becomes consuming
♡ ate elena and g.lo who have no choice but to stay with us for the remainder of this quarantine
♡ free water refill within our compound
♡ all of my bake days
♡ binging the great british bake off (I’m currently in the season where there’s a pinoy!)
♡ sunday movie club with chinggay and patty
♡ scoring an elusive grocery delivery slot

This was on my draft about a month ago and I had forgotten to get back to it. A month later, I’m still thankful for the same things plus realizing how important it is to step back and be alone with your own thoughts sometimes. I’m lucky I have my own room and all but after a month of not leaving the house, even an empty space can feel a bit cramped. How have you been holding up? What are the signs you watch for that tell you “I need some me time”?

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