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No Use Crying Over (Sour) Milk

You may have already read that I recently made cheese from a batch of fresh milk that had unexpectedly gone sour (it was still a couple of days from its expiration date and unopened). Now, more than ever, you got to think twice before throwing out 2 liters of milk down the drain. These days, previously forgotten spices and ingredients have been pulled from the racks and given finally given the time of day. You learn to be creative with the ingredients on hand.

From the 2 liters of milk, I made around a cup worth of soft cheese. I had a lot of whey leftover, too. We filled a couple of empty bottles for use later on. I read that you could use it for baking—using it in place of any recipe that calls for liquid.

The next day, I made a batch of pandesal and used the whey in place of the full cream milk. It was a good thing because I didn’t have any milk to use anymore. It didn’t affect the taste or texture of the bread at all. I still had a bit of whey left over after all the bread I made, so I used it in place of water when I cooked steamed clams.

All the things made with sour milk

We used the cheese as palaman in the pandesal, mixed with scrambled eggs, and swirled with berry jam on toast. I read though that homemade cheese might not keep as long as store-bought ones. The jar was still pretty full after almost a week.

So before it could spoil (again haha), I made cheesecake bars with it. I mixed it with a block of cream cheese for a recipe that called for 2 blocks. Since I put some truffle oil in the jar, the finished dessert had a subtle taste of truffle. It worked well with the white chocolate and cheese.

As of the other day, all of the by-products of the aforementioned sour milk have been consumed! All our tummies are fine, too, so I can confirm it was safe to eat. LOL! That or our stomachs are made of steel. 😛

Already thinking of what we can make with all the leftovers from the past weeks to stretch our supplies. Beef stroganoff from seared beef? Chili base from stew? Pasta sauce from clams? The goal is not to throw away anything that we could have consumed. How are you guys transforming your leftovers?

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