Currently June 2020

Currently / June 2020

We’ve reached the middle of the year. The halfway mark. Usually, we backtrack and review our goals and plans for the year and assess where we’re at. I haven’t looked at my monthly goals since March to be honest. I’ve just been trying to get through each day with as much sanity as I can maintain.

Music Monday

I’m nearing the end of my 21-Day Abundance Meditation practice and the daily mornings silencing my thoughts have been quite relaxing. My friend Jenn of Woowoo Ritual Goods shared this playlist with me a few months back and I’m looking forward to listening to it so I can continue morning meditations even after the 21 days are up.

Tasty Tuesday

I have baked 16 days out of 30 this month. I did one massive bake day for Macy’s Fields orders. Turned some banana pudding into accidental gelato when I put a tub in the freezer. So I made chocolate orange faux gelato when I had extra yolks again. Made shakshuka for Nior’s birthday. Made the one-a-day baguette twice. Made pandesal again—twice! Ate a lot of salad. Attempted my own Tres Leches. Tried a new bread recipe and used a different brand of chocolate for cookies.

But also got to eat stuff that I didn’t make!

Wishful Wednesday

Three and a half months of staying indoors and still no end in sight. I miss seeing everyone but I’m still not comfortable leaving the house—especially as the cases keep rising each day.

But also getting frustrated because it’s been a little difficult collecting payment for freelancers during this period. I’ve gone 7 months without being paid for a project I completed on time, so you can say I’m quite patient. But I really wish billing people didn’t feel like begging for money. Going on my third year of freelancing and I still haven’t gotten used to this part (maybe I shouldn’t!).

I have been supplementing my income with twice a month bake days so I’m grateful to friends who have been supporting Macy’s Fields. Thank you so so much.

Thoughtful Thursday

Anyone else have Zoom/video call fatigue? During the start of quarantine, everyone was eager to hop on a call. And then, we all did our own thing. This was an impromptu Zoom session when Ninna was in town for a night. So impromptu that I just got out of the shower when I entered the room, haha. Someone said how random our topics were that night. I guess that’s what happens when you want to talk about anything and everything. I loved this and I’m glad I joined in even if I was about to get ready for bed already.

Fashion Friday

Been on a Marimekko trip with my nails lately. Trying to maintain my mani for at least 2 weeks before repainting my nails. One of the first things I purchased during quarantine was a bottle of nail polish remover and a bottle of polish in this pretty color.
Swipe to the last slide for the inspo

Tomorrow is a new month and I’m going to start it by baking!

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