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Brand New Year

Spent a good chunk of today rearranging half of my room where my workspace is. Turns out I have a few things I still haven’t unpacked from when we first moved here. There is a box filled with dust-covered palanca letters (remember those?) and other bits and bobs. I still haven’t thrown that out. I’ll get to it, promise.

This is usually what I do at the end of the year. Clear space in my room: Throw out stuff I haven’t used in a year (or more), and proceed to fill up my room for the rest of the year. LOL. The past 2 years since we moved, I haven’t really done any major spring cleaning except for my beauty items when I realized most of them were already expired. I was cocooned and spent most of my non-working days, lying in bed, endlessly scrolling on my phone.

So this morning, I set out to move the sofa by the window (which has become a dumping ground for wrappers I intend to reuse and unopened packages) and switch it out with my desk. I know they say not to face the window because you’ll get distracted by the view but being stuck at home for 2 years now, give me all the views. Please. I also rearranged my makeshift closet aka gorilla rack to put some order into the piles of stuff. I have yet to throw out the clothes I’ve already put in paper bags (also 2 years ago—do you see a pattern here? 😅) and I already know I’m adding more to that “throw” or “donate” pile.

Here’s the progress so far. I already feel a shift in the energy in the room. I’m sure it’ll be even better once I’ve thrown out the things I want to let go of. For now, I shall hide the rest of the kalat on the other side of the room, lol.

I was going to do a Year in Review type of thing but between the rearranging and the answering of Unravel Your Year (which I still haven’t finished), all I could manage was my Year in Songs for 2021—maybe now you understand why Olivia Rodrigo is on the top of this post, haha. Now let me go back to bed and enjoy the rest of the first day of 2022. Happy new year!

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