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Lucky Streak

If you know me, I’m big on streaks. I like to count the days, maintain a certain cadence. I try not to obsess if I lose the streak. But these days, especially going on two years in lockdown, counting down the days and keeping it going helps keep me sane.

I used to mark my bake days in my planner with cute little stickers. Now, I chronicle my adventures in the kitchen with a weekly newsletter. Another newsletter, I share with two friends I’ve kept another streak with. We watch movies every Sunday no fail (save for the 2 or 3 Sundays one of us had to go somewhere). For January, we watched 4 French films and a wild card Italian rom-com. We saw a couple of heavy ones so we’re going back to feel-good movies this month, haha.

I started keeping a movie list when I realized there are a lot of old movies I haven’t seen yet. The latest one being Stardust, which my teammate posted about and shared with me because hello, bb Benny B. Been trying—operative word: trying—read more, too, after last year’s dismal list.

Like most people, I’m deep into Wordle (congrats to Mr. Wardle on the NYT deal!) and now have 4 other permutations of it going. There’s Saltong, the Filipino version; Taylordle because I’m a Swiftie for life; Le Mot for my Parisian illusions (or should I say delusions); and A Greener Wordle, which if I’m being honest, is the toughest one among the 5! No, wait. The hardest one is Vulture’s 10×10, which I keep trying to answer, thinking I’ll get it in under 5 minutes and yet. LOL! One day. Until then, I’ll keep trying.

What is it about keeping count that keeps me going? Maybe something about keeping streaks is seeing the number go up. I’m not entirely sure what I’m counting down (or up) to. Maybe it helps to trick my mind that we’re moving forward in some way even if everything else is essentially the same. Possibly it’s counting how many days our household remains covid-free. Whatever it is, I’m going to keep counting and hope that my streaks are long and steady. Even after “all of this” is over and the world is a bit safer again.

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