Mid-Year Check-In

Funny how my last entry here was about being obsessed about keeping streaks. And then I disappeared for approximately 4 months. I managed to keep some streaks going—daily movement and tarot pulls (though I only just recently got back to this after skipping about 4 weeks). But other than that, my days have been melding into each other in a blurry haze. Some days I get to slip out and have lunch with old friends. On special days I even get to attend a wedding. But if I’m being honest, it’s starting to feel a little too much like clockwork. Wake, eat, sleep, and repeat. So, here’s a bit of manifestation, a bit of wishful thinking, and a whole lot of taking back control of where I’m pointing my sails toward.

I sent this post to my friends whom I’ve been trying to schedule some in-person face time with but to no avail lol. I thought I’d give it a go to dust off the cobwebs in this space.

My ideal day would start with an early stretch or quick NTC workout. I’ll pull a card and write in my journal. I’ll jump in the shower, do my skin care, followed by a long and slow brunch before a nap. I’ll either watch a movie or an episode of my current show or read a couple of pages on my Kindle. Maybe I’ll paint my nails or sit in the balcony to stare at the sky. Nothing out of the ordinary. I’m honestly really just happy being home.

I’ll manage to meet up with friends then visit Mira to hang with my family. Because while I do enjoy my alone time, I always realize how much I miss it when I’m around other people.

My head will be light, my heart full. There will be lots of laughter, maybe even tears (but only because of the uncontrollable laughing). I’ll sleep with a smile on my face, knowing how well the day went. I’ll wake up grateful for the life I get to live.

There are so many possibilities. Maybe I’m looking out to sea, wind in my face, sun in my eyes. Maybe I’m just lying in bed, curled under the covers with a sweet-smelling candle burning. Maybe I’m staring at the sky, my back flat on a blanket in an open field. There are so many possibilities and all of them sound blissful and taste sweet.

In that moment, I would’ve ticked off the boxes on my check list, eager to get started on a brand new goal. Ready to begin planning for a new season and in a few more months, go back to the first question and visualize what my highest self looks like in the coming year.

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