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What Life’s Like, Day 68

Earlier this year—it already feels a lifetime ago—I made a list of habits I was trying to commit to. Good to know I’ve kept some of those habits. And while I may have dropped some (cannot ignore rice when there’s corned beef on the table, tbh), I’ve also picked up new ones.

Ten Things I’m Thankful For

I know that the first month of the year has been pretty awful in general, but I’ve been training myself to acknowledge the good things that happen in life more than the bad. My general feelings for 2020 are actually quite positive. Despite all the tragedies happening in the…

It’s Been a Good Week

I’ve been trying to be better at documenting my days since the beginning of the year. And while I love the ease of Instagram, sometimes, captions don’t really encapsulate just how incredibly great a day was. Although, clearly, this week has been something else.

Started the month with a lunch…

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

People who know me know how much I hate exercising. Something about sweating in public makes me cringe, haha. Also, I work out in ratty clothes so the thought of spending money on fancy workout clothes makes me scratch my head sometimes.

I’ve had an on-and-off again relationship with NTC,…

Making It a Habit

I’ve long given up on New Year’s resolutions because most of the time, they only last all of January and then forgotten for the rest of the year. While I was filling out Susannah Conway’s Unravel Your Year workbook, there was a section where she asks you concrete, actionable…

Dear Daddy

So, it’s been a year, huh? I didn’t realize how it was possible for that time span to feel long and short at the same time. It still feels like yesterday when we were standing in the ER, watching the nurses try to revive you. Surprisingly, I haven’t cried…