Signorina for Dandy Ona

Signorina signet collection for Dandy One shot by Michelle Wu

For my second collection with Dandy Ona Jewelry, I decided to create a delicate collection of signet rings made for women. I paid tribute to 3 important ladies in my life: my lolas and my niece. All floral designs engraved on each ring were based on my illustrations with a pointed pen.

Signet rings symbolize authority and importance in society. From aristocrats to powerful patriarchs, these rings established your place in society. We wanted to build a thoughtful collection that took what the signet ring stands for and honor women with it.

For this delicate signet ring collection, we’ve taken 3 classic signet ring designs and put a modern, feminine twist on them. This is a tribute to all the important women in our lives.

Signet rings for Dandy Ona Jewelry


Named after my precocious niece, an image of an iris flower is engraved on its oval face. Iris is also the Greek word for rainbow and the name of the Greek Goddess for rainbow. Miranda is a reminder that we can be anything we want.


The Juliet rose is one of the most expensive flowers in the world. Its outer petals open up to reveal neatly arranged petals nestled in the middle of the flower. Named after my paternal grandmother, Julieta is a tribute to the women in our lives we aspire to be like.


The name Remedios means to heal. The chamomile is a daisy-like flower used in herbal infusions for natural remedies. I named Remedios after my maternal grandmother. It’s a message that tells us we will be okay, no matter what challenge comes our way.

The Signorina collection is made-to-order. You may place your orders online via this form or send a message to me or Dandy Ona Jewelry.

July 3, 2021


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