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  • I Can Keep You Safe

    Music MondayI’ll hold you tightly, I’ll give you nothing but truth Tasty Tuesday { Sisig Burrito, Madeca } Wishful WednesdayHoping for a steady week ahead. Already excited to see Les Misérables again, pick up my stash of Old Town (woohoo!), and head to the beach this weekend. Thoughtful Thursday Source: raw.abduzeedo.com via Macy on Pinterest […]

  • Creative Productivity

    I had an impromptu DIY shoot at my friend Mikko‘s igloo (she’s from Alaska!) yesterday and ended up with 2 pretty neat accessories. I’ll post a link when the how-to is already up on candymag.com. (: These are projects I’ve been wanting to try for some time now and I’m glad Mix was game to […]

  • My Menagerie

    I don’t remember when I got so fascinated with giraffes and owls. All I know is that I now have 3 owl necklaces, 2 giraffe necklaces, 1 giraffe ring, 1 owl ring, 1 owl shirt, and 1 owl pouch. The two newest additions to my humble collection: a sparkly giraffe necklace (Forever 21) that I […]

  • Are you ready?

    I can’t believe I’m going on my fourth year at work. And tomorrow, we’re having the fourth Candy Fair! I love that I get to work by going to a fair. Haha, cute boys, fun game booths, lots of food, and shops! Can’t wait to check out the Accessorize booth. 20% off tomorrow, Candy Girls! […]