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  • Good Eats and the Good Things

    And just like that, it’s four days until December. Where did 2010 go? This week felt so long yet whizzed by just like that. I ate so much this week, I believe my stomach is hurting now because I overexerted it. Ugh. Tomorrow will hopefully be a successful shopping trip for presents. I am on […]

  • Chocolate Kiss and College

    Chocolate Kiss was my happy food in college. I remember trooping there every Thursday (or was it Tuesday?) with Kaich, Patty, and Jeifan. Switching between adobo and chicken kiev and salpicao. We decided to meet up today for late lunch. I was looking forward to my favorite Kahlua Butter Cake and refillable iced tea. They […]

  • Which Cupcake To Make

    I spend a large chunk of time browsing through baking blogs. An entire tab of my universe is dedicated to different bakers’ blogs. One of my favorite blogs is How To Eat A Cupcake, because practically everything she makes is yummy and so easy to make! (: My relatives might be coming over this Sunday […]