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  • Last Friday Night

    My kind of Friday night involves greasy food, milk tea, and sweet endings. Not in picture: my glorious La Delice, after declaring I wanted something salty. Hahaha! What was your Friday night like?

  • Two Nights in a Row

    People are generally surprised when I’m out late at night because they know my bed time is actually 9pm (although these days I’ve been sleeping close to midnight and not too proud of it). But staying in an office building for more than 10 hours can really make your realize how much you’ve been just […]

  • Surf and Turf with the Girls

    I’ve been dreading going home for a month now because as you may have noticed, I have no idea how to get home without a car. Cabbing is hardly considered “commuting,” I know, but it’s the closest I know how to. This week has been incredibly good to me because I’ve been able to get […]

  • And all she wants is to dance

    I’m sleepy, still. I had about five pralines and 1 disc of super yummy Royce’. There are only two more pralines left—and I just opened the pack this afternoon! Chocolate in this family will never really last more than a week. 😛 I can’t wait for next week. Aero funk and Smooves, birthday dinner for […]