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  • On Keeping in Touch While Out of Reach

    On Keeping in Touch While Out of Reach

    Are you all Zoomed out and muting your group chats? How do you keep yourself from isolating yourself from your social circles but allowing yourself to enjoy me time, too?

  • Happy Galentine’s Day

    Happy Galentine’s Day

    Here’s how I spent this Valentine’s week.

  • The Complexities of Female Friendships

    The Complexities of Female Friendships

    I was in first grade when two of my friends started talking about this girl they didn’t like. They called her “Apple.” It was their not-so subtle way of telling me they were not a fan of certain behaviors. They hated she was bossy. They thought she was mayabang. Every little thing they said about […]

  • my day

    my day

    Do you remember when we used to write down every single detail of our day, not caring who would read our words? Just typing, typing, typing. When blogging meant an online diary of sorts, chronicling crush sightings, everything you ate, and what songs you’ve obsessively been playing over and over. These days, there are more […]

  • Real Love

    Sometimes, life surprises you and gives you family who are like friends, and friends who are like family. I’m happy I have the pleasure and privilege of having both. But life is far from perfect and sometimes you need to deal with Judgy McJudgersons in this lifetime. Sometimes you want to get back at them, […]

  • Ten Things I’m Grateful For Tuesdays: Quality Time

    ♥ Rare times when everyone is home for breakfast or dinner.♥ Lunch after almost 2 years of not seeing each other!♥ Makeovers and take out dinners.♥ A super fun night out with girl friends.♥ Random sightings when you’re on your once-in-a-blue-moon night out.♥ Laughing at happy drunk people at 4 in the morning.♥ Late lunch […]

  • Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday: Friends

    ♥ Seeing each other at least once or twice a year even if you don’t work together anymore.♥ Promising to see each other more than twice a year.♥ Welcoming balikbayans home.♥ A successful spa shower for your best-est friend in the world.♥ Making last minute plans to go out and dance.♥ Remembering old high school […]

  • Gratitude List

    There are tons to be thankful for these days. And I’ve missed making lists like this! ♥ Shopping with fake money. I got the top I’ve been looking at for months plus a pretty new dress for technically just P45.♥ Leaving my camera at home and dancing the night away. I usually bring my cam […]

  • I ♥ My Driving Queens

    These girls were my constants in college. I love them and I’m glad they planned this weekend for me. I missed all four of us together and this weekend was the best! This is the longest birthday celebration I’ve ever had. And it’s not even done yet! Celebrating with my fellow Candy Novembers on Wednesday! […]

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    Sad face.