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  • Every Day Is A Holiday

    Music Monday “Every Day Is A Holiday” by Esthero Tasty Tuesday My favorite Chicken Chimichangas from Mañana. Wishful Wednesday { via Old Navy } Swimsuits you can mix and match. Less than P500 a piece online because of the Easter sale—and they now ship to the Philippines apparently! Thoughtful Thursday From a trip 2 years […]

  • A Love Affair

    Sunset ♥Originally uploaded by the best kind of nice I finally got my LC-A to work and just like I imagined, paired with Kodak Elitechrome, it produces such beautiful colors! I spent five lovely days on the beach with one of my best gals and her boyfriend and her parents. It was five days of […]

  • I made a mix.

    It’s actually an old mix, but I listened to it last night on my way home and I figured I’d upload it and share with everyone. 01 Ingrid Michaelson – “Starting Now” (link)02 The Weepies – “All Good Things” (link)03 Lenka – “Bring Me Down” (link)04 Ingrid Michaelson – “Be Ok” (link)05 She & Him […]

  • I want you, Mr. Pink!

    I want you with a 35mm back! Sigh.

  • In Love

    Five years ago, I had in my hand a plastic camera with what looked like four lenses. I had no idea how to use it or that it was actually a real camera that would take real pictures. I had a problem loading the film, mostly because it had been some time since I last […]

  • It’s back!

    Hooray! I baked last night. The verdict? (Well, as far as my dad and brothers are concerned) MY BAKING MOJO IS BACK! Ha ha! At first, I thought it was cookie fail again. The cookies looked too brown and felt tough to the touch. But when my brother took a bite, he said it was […]

  • Clearly, an obsession

    YM convo this morningA: grabe nasugat ako sa rewind wheel ng smena! :SA: huhuhuB: hahahaha schmeimei can be dangerous to your healthA: ang hirap pihitinB: see addiction na tlaga siyaB: dahil nasasaktan na tayo literal, hindi lang bulsa natinA: hahaha Can you guess which one is me? d: But it was definitely all worth it […]

  • Rest

    I’ve been sick the past week and this holiday was a welcome retreat. I didn’t know how awesome it was to sleep in the middle of the day until my head hit my pillow this afternoon and I snoozed for a good 3 hours. Spent the entire morning with Kaich, the birthday girl, in UP […]

  • Woohoo!

    My life is one infinitely blue sky that has so many possibilities.(Yes, not “intimately” as seen here.)

  • don’t walk, just dance

    It’s been two weeks since our last Breakfast Challenge. Haha, it’s funny how people are actually asking why there isn’t one today. d: Peter, our all-around boy/yayo/cook, is home on weekends because his kids are on their summer vacation. So his family is staying here at home while they’re on vacation. Meaning, we don’t cook […]