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  • Happy Galentine’s Day

    Happy Galentine’s Day

    Here’s how I spent this Valentine’s week.

  • Real Love

    Sometimes, life surprises you and gives you family who are like friends, and friends who are like family. I’m happy I have the pleasure and privilege of having both. But life is far from perfect and sometimes you need to deal with Judgy McJudgersons in this lifetime. Sometimes you want to get back at them, […]

  • Ten Things I’m Grateful For Tuesdays: Love (In Photos)

    Scenes from my best friend’s wedding. No, not the movie. A real, actual wedding!

  • Buy less, love more

    I just finished shopping for half of my gifts, when I saw this video on Cecile‘s blog. Makes you think twice about heading to the mall and buying “toys they don’t need” or “that sweater she won’t like.”

  • Like a summer’s day in May

    A song like this just makes me want to fall in love. d: Sigh. Yuck, cheesy. Ha ha! Hindi bagay.

  • forty days

    up where there’s no more pain, up where it’s always happy and always light. up where we know you’ll always be safe, and where you’ll be able to make sure that we’re safe, too. up where there are no worries and no regrets. that’s where you belong because you’re our angel. we love you so […]

  • Alone In A World Of Heartbreakers

    Spoken like a true cynic, I know, but when you hear about couples fighting, arguing, breaking up, etcetera etcetera, you can’t help but ask yourself, is it really worth it? Maan was convincing me late this afternoon that The One will steal my heart away when I least expect it. I told her that it […]

  • From a list of 10

    “A realization that this is the way my life is unraveling. There is no rule that says I cannot be 25 this way.” My biggest fear is to lose my parents. I was scared to death at the sight of my mom writhing in pain tonight. I am relieved that we are okay again. But […]

  • A little lamb lost

    Because the weather is just the right kind of gloomy, I’ll write about something I haven’t been talking about for some time now. I’ve always believed that your love life doesn’t really define who you are. I’m not being bitter. Ha ha. It’s just that I don’t think you should be judged just based on […]

  • This is how my family does it

    Nothing says I love you like a big booming voice that greets you in the mornings. Or a declaration at the supermarket that, yes, “I will buy maple-flavored bacon.” Or a pair of new sneakers. Or lending the iBook when the room where the computer is is filled with college boys. Nothing says I love […]