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  • Musically Speaking: Concerts Lately

    I love music. And whenever I get the chance to, I grab the opportunity to see any of my faves perform live when they’re in town. Luckily for us, more and more artists are making Manila a stop in their world tours. Here are a few acts I’ve had the privilege of seeing the past […]

  • Songs I Like: One Direction’s “Kiss You”

    I’ve only seen it thrice so far. Can you believe it? Haha! I’ve been laughing at all the hilarious GIFs popping up on the Interwebs. Carry on.

  • Christmas At Casa Alcaraz

    { Mini Nutella + Gigantic Elsie’s Croissant } { Lazy Girl’s Guide To Gift Wrapping: Tie with twine and make cards out of old business cards with washi tape and your trusty labelmaker.} { Raspberry Pie on the lips, Callalily on the tips. } { Simple dinner with mi familia ♥ }  { With Ate […]