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  • How Did You Find Me Here?

    Music Monday Tasty Tuesday Source: theglitterguide.com via Macy on Pinterest Wishful WednesdayWho knew I’d ever complete this baking wishlist I did in 2008? I still have a lot of dreams that are bound to come true. And I’m pretty sure they will at the right time. (: Thoughtful Thursday Source: designismine.blogspot.com via Macy on Pinterest […]

  • You, You’re Like A Dream, Dream Come True

    Music MondayI promise when I turn 30 I will stop with this ridiculous obsession with teenybopper things. Okay, wait. Don’t quote me on that, hahahaha! Tasty Tuesday Love when restaurants let me switch up items on the menu. I got the Mango Hazelnut Crepe, but had them change the mangoes to bananas instead. This is […]

  • Stay Young, Go Dancing

    Music Monday Tasty Tuesday A slice of chocolate turtle pie to start the year right. Rang in the new year with this pie topped with whipped cream. Here’s to a rich 2012! Wishful WednesdayI was never big on resolutions. But I did make a few promises that seemed more like challenges to conquer in the […]

  • For the irony, I’d rather know

    Music Monday Tasty TuesdayAdobo Sulipan from Pancake House. My late dinner after catching Varekai last Friday. Wishful WednesdayStill contemplating whether I should get myself a satchel. I wonder if someone can customize it for me to look like this. My cousin says it looks like the pattern was printed on the bag. Thoughtful Thursday My […]