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  • Songs I Like: “A Little Fall Of Rain” from Les Misérables

    Watched the movie adaptation last night and absolutely loved it. In another life, I would have wanted to be a theater actress, haha! But unfortunately for me, I have no acting or singing skills to pursue that career. So I’ll just live vicariously through the peeps who are legit. Like Lea Salonga. Man.

  • Possibly my favorite song from Avenue Q

    KATE MONSTEROh, you think your life sucks? BRIANI think so. KATE MONSTERYour problems aren’t so bad!I’m kinda prettyAnd pretty damn smart. BRIANYou are. KATE MONSTERThanks!I like romantic thingsLike music and art.And as you knowI have a gigantic heartSo why don’t I haveA boyfriend?Fuck!It sucks to be me!