Christmas in the office

Last night was our office Christmas party and I had so much fun. The hosts (both from Advertising) were hilarious!!! Although I think they were bordering on mean at some point. 😛

More than anything else, I had soooo much fun dressing up for the party! We left the office early just to prep. 😛 Haha, but I must say, we looked pretty awesome that night. We totally looked like cartoons!!!

Don’t you just love our costumes and makeup? Woohoo! Jennie, our beauty editor, did a fantastic job!

And here’s a collage that Mimi made of our pictures with our assigned character. It’s so cute:

We really went all out, and we’re bummed that Ines didn’t win best dressed—I voted for her even if two of my good friends were also nominated(hi, Candice and M!). But whatever, we totally had a blast!

I’m also part of the Interactive team, so I joined this year’s Kris Kringle. So far I’ve gotten three lavender-scented tea lights (something that supposedly describes me) and a Nightmare Before Christmas cellphone charm (something that doesn’t describe me). I wonder if my mommy/daddy will get me an Only You DVD/VCD.

Sorry for the picture-heavy post. Haha! It would’ve been so much more boring if I didn’t have visual aids. 😛

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  • Gail
    December 20, 2006

    hey look! the Asian version of Jem and the Hollograms! hehe!