Mac Virgin :P

I am currently typing this entry on my brother’s laptop. Hahaha! I have never really used a Mac before so it was kind of strange using this at first. He says when he buys a new laptop, he’s handing this down to me. I don’t really have any use for it but WOW how fun is it to just stay in my room and surf to my heart’s content?! Winner ang wi-fi! I loff et!

Our new Mr. Willy is really strange sometimes. I don’t like the way he drives (he likes honking the horn so early in the morning and abuses the bright headlights uuuugh) and I feel like he’s soooo impatient. Anyway, since my parents weren’t around, I went to Saturday night by myself. Since my friends and I are heading to the Great Clark Trip, I figured I’d buy film for my supersampler. I distinctly remember a Fuji film stand in National Bookstore so I went there after Mass. Apparently, they stopped selling camera film a LONG time ago. Hahaha! I haven’t been to that branch in a while. 😛 So ANYWAY, I asked the new Mr. Willy to buy 2 boxes of Fuji Film/100ASA/12 shots. I specifically said 12 because I want to finish the film (if I won’t use up the entire 24 shots) right away so I can have it developed. BUT the new Mr. Willy decides to buy 1 box of 24 shots, anyway. ARGH. As if my instructions weren’t clear enough on paper. HELLO. If I wanted a box of 24 shots, wouldn’t I have asked for it? GEEZ. I really hate it when people botch up with such simple instructions. Hay. So I need to finish the 24 shots or else I’ll never get the film developed. Haha! Ang laki ng problema ko noh? Sorry, I just get really irritated by little things. WAH. Mr. Willy is really gone. ):

ANYHOO. My brother’s leaving in a bit and he’s bringing this laptop with him. Time for me to log off. I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE TRIP! Sleepy time!

He says this might be mine a week from now. Haha! O diba? Libreng iBook, san ka pa?!

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  • Shorty
    February 12, 2007

    kainggit!!! i want my own FREE mac laptop too! haha:P