An open (love)letter

To whom it may concern,

I don’t know if I’ve met you already or if I have yet to meet you. But I do know that when that time comes, we won’t have to try so hard. It will feel natural and familiar. I won’t need to explain myself and you won’t need to prove yourself to me.

I will be my usual goody-two-shoes self and you’ll put up with my sometimes-brattiness. You won’t care that I don’t like vegetables, but will secretly prepare a veggie dish disguised as some meat-looking entree. I’ll make mix CDs for you even if sometimes, it’ll be just a mix of three songs that I’ve been listening to the entire week. My YM status message will always be about you. You’ll pick me up from work and won’t care that I stink because I went to the gym. We’ll eat pizza when I’m feeling bad and you’ll treat me to ice cream. And we’ll watch a movie just so I can hold your hand. :”>

My family will ask about you and I won’t need to convince them that you’re good for me. You’ll bring me home on Sunday afternoons to meet your family and we’ll have dinner with mine. We’ll take turns on weekends on which set of friends to hang out with. Maybe sometimes, we each spend time with a different set apart. To be missed will make us look forward to each other.

I won’t care if we don’t see each other for months, I know that you will eventually come home to me. I won’t worry that you’ve forgotten about me, because you will always keep in touch—even if you will need to spend for postage to send letters to me.

We’ll fight and we’ll cry and we’ll be miserable—but only for a while. We’ll kiss and make up and realize our mistakes (whoever was wrong at the time) and forgive whoever was at fault.

I don’t know if I’ve met you or we have yet to cross paths. But someday.. Someday, I know I will love you. (:


* Happy Valentine’s, everyone! (: I hope you’re happy not just on the 14th but every single day that you’re alive. Or that you’ve found at least one reason to be happy. (:

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