I really do ♥ this man.

“Life is but a dream. There are no rules, only loves and fears. No one knows just why we are here and what the point is but we have figured out so far that it’s based on having experiences. We all get to have a wonderful time, even if it is limited, to dance and play out here on the surface on the earth, on the side of the rock, and thankfully we’re not sliding down to some bottom or being flung off the side of it as it spins and do-si-do’s around the galaxy. When was the last time you sat and thanked gravity for the rain or skydiving? The wonderful time is obviously introduced in so many different ways across the plains. Our parents and theirs before them set into motion where you would dance and how you might do it. From early on we became conditioned beings.

But we are water and light and that is all. This is why the dawn of spring moves us so. Flowers are nothing but water and light. Our food is solely water and light, granted you don’t eat processed food in shiny and noisy packages. According to the human genome, everyone on this planet is 99.9% identical. Only the slightest variation in our genes makes us appear different. We even rock the same chemical happenings in us as a banana. So even more specific, consider yourself in the tribe of the living the next time someone asks what you are or where you’re from. Using a town name or a race description is entirely political and is no longer needed. You are light.

So when you’re out there this new season, making connections, sending love, experiencing rejection as well as romance, look to others with your light and welcoming gratitude and appreciation, and see them as doing the best they can with the light they’ve got. And maybe toss out a smile.”—Jason Mraz

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