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I’m a sucker for reality shows. I remember when ETC was introduced to cable, I was in reality show heaven. I even got hooked on this really lame show, Starting Over. As in at first, I’d just watch it if there was nothing to watch but the next thing I knew, I was watching even the reruns. Hahaha! I tried watching the season that’s on air now but parang the best pa rin yung first. I loved the drama! Whether it was scripted or not, who cares? 😛 I watch it for its entertainment value.

I even used to watch Blind Date and Third Wheel. Hahaha! I’m so gross! 😛

Whenever some reality show is on ETC or 2nd Avenue, I watch it. Even if I have no idea what it is. There was one show I watched. Unanimous was the title, I think? Haha, they had to decide on who they’d vote out and while they did this, the money they were going to win went lower and lower by the second. HAHA! I don’t know how it ended because I never got to see another episode. But geez, I hope they didn’t get like just $10 or something. I mean all that trouble for ten bucks? 😛

Another show I really enjoyed watching was Top Chef. I’m not sure when the finale is because I don’t know the schedule. I just end up catching it on random days like last Saturday morning. I’m rooting for Harold. Wait, was that his name? I don’t even know.

Lately (as in just yesterday haha), I’ve been getting obsessed with PBB again. I stopped watching because it was on so late and it was getting pretty stupid. I mean, come on, bringing in people back in the house when they were already voted out? Doesn’t that defy the laws of the PBB house? No contact with the outside world and all that shiz. Is that what they call reinvention? But yesterday, as I was snooping around our site’s message board, I stumbled upon the PBB thread. It was littered with comments against Bruce and Wendy and links to YouTube videos from the live stream of PBB. I watched them all. >_< If you've seen the videos that I'm talking about, you'll be equally as annoyed as I am. So I watched again last night after a long time of not doing so. Hohoho. Things in the House are exciting but only because the people inside are fighting. Is this really necessary for entertainment? To pit people against each other and bring out the worst in everyone? I must admit, I'm having a ball rooting for a particular side (Go, Team Geeann!), but it really does bring out the worst in people. I've been reading posts on message boards and the words that they say about these people they don't really even know are unbelievable. That’s not to say I won’t watch tonight. I just hope some people would realize that at the end of the day it’s a freaking TV show. Don’t get caught up in it!

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