Weekend Update

The house was pretty empty this weekend. I’m kind of getting used to not seeing my Kuya because he’s a night owl and is always asleep in the day. My two brothers were MIA this weekend, too. One of them had an immersion for school, and the other one is at a fun run, I think. My dad is either in front of the TV in the kitchen, or asleep in the living room while my mom has her eyes glued to her Veoh downloads.

So I’ve holed up in my room for most of the weekend, reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (haha, I’m so cheap I just downloaded an ebook off the Net) on the laptop. I have about 24 more chapters to go, but I’m loving it. I totally understand why some superfans are disappointed with the movie (I, on the other hand, loved it). It’s harder to read the book when you’ve seen the movie already, though. I keep picturing Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. Haha!

The book is coming out next week and I know lots of people are excited about it. I stopped buying after the third book because I refused to buy the hardbound books. 😛 I’m cheap like that. But maybe, come September, I’ll consider buying the boxed set of all the books in the series. Kaich says it also comes with a trunk you can put the books in. Bloody awesome. 😛

I just thought I’d post something other than song lyrics and memes. Even if I know there aren’t really too many people reading this, I do know that my cousin in Canada drops by every so often. 😛 So here’s a proper update—if you can even call it that. Haha!

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