“The Beauty In Ugly”

My favorite fireworks shot from the UP Centennial Kickoff

I guess the thing about me is I don’t give up that easily. I see the glass as half-full, most of the time. I try my best to see the beauty in something that seems so un-pretty. Maybe because sometimes, I’m hoping that people would see me that way, too.

* * *

Speaking of “beauty in ugly,” today is the end of the (according to Mr. Voice-Over for CTV and The CW) “two best episodes ever!” Since it seems like it’ll be a while `til we get new episodes of our fave shows, I’m going to start watching series that I haven’t followed over the years. I borrowed my friend’s Ugly Betty Season 1 DVD today. I saw The World of Ugly Betty on Star World over the weekend and couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve always watched Ugly Betty whenever I caught it on TV, but never really followed it faithfully. And now, since I won’t be watching any of my series (until the writers strike is over, I guess?), I’ll have time to watch past seasons! Woot!

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