Petty Peeves

Slight kababawan lang `to pero nasa mood ako maglista so…

  1. Girls who giggle and ask for my brother on the phone. STOP CALLING! >_<
  2. People I don’t know who call me “Mace.” Hello, close ba tayo?
  3. People who misspell my name. M-A-C-Y. I went to Dairy Queen one time and my receipt read, “MESY.” It was funny on paper, but even funnier when they called out my name when my Blizzard was ready. So now, I always flash them my ID so they spell my name right.
  4. Pimples that pop up after my period. Aren’t they supposed to be gone along with your period? Harrr. I am no longer a teen!
  5. Paasa blow dried hair. Haircuts always look so much better when you’ve come right out of the salon. d: Sana meron akong personal na taga-blow dry. Ha ha! JOKE LANG.

Yun lang. Bow.

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