Highs and Lows

I remember watching The Story of Us and loving the part whenever Ben and Katie would ask their kids what their highs and lows were that day. I could be remembering it wrong and it might be from a completely different movie, but whatever. Ha ha!

My highs for each day of the week that was
♥ French toast with maple syrup and Nutella and bacon for breakfast
♥ Seeing Jen’s kids (they’re like cartoon characters, I swear! So cute!)
♥ Spending time with the fam and mom. (:
♥ “Falling Slowly” piano piece from Mark (yay! I can play until the first verse!)
♥ DQ Pepperoni and Mozzarella Hot Dog with the Candy girls and DQ Pecan Cluster later with Digital peeps
♥ an email that happily surprised me this morning: Flickr Pro account from Kid (belated birthday gift. sobrang belated naman, but thank you!)

The week’s not even done yet! Awesome.

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