The randomest post EVER

Apart from the tiny white space between my header image and the Blogger nav bar (Yay! thanks, Mark!), I’m happy with my new layout. I was supposed to upload this to Multiply, but I couldn’t make it work. Ha ha! So here it goes. Good bye, Utagai!

I’m the proud owner of these new babies. I love them so much, I wore my new Vandals to my friend’s surprise party last night. The theme was “Harajuku” so I just threw on this shirt I got for cheap at the department store. It has a cute drawing of half a Jap girl face (with blunt bangs) and the word “Konichiwa” printed across it. I paired it with a pleated denim skirt and my new shoesies. I would’ve gone all out with a pair of knee-high socks (haha), but it was too hot and I didn’t want to attract unnecessary attention. d:

The result was this:

Not exactly Harajuku, but what the heck. At least I was sort of in costume. d:

My blog is a very confused one. One post it’s a foodie blog, next a wannabe photographer’s, and then a fashion blog kuno. Paki niyo, blog ko naman `to! d:

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