It’s back!

Hooray! I baked last night. The verdict? (Well, as far as my dad and brothers are concerned) MY BAKING MOJO IS BACK! Ha ha! At first, I thought it was cookie fail again. The cookies looked too brown and felt tough to the touch. But when my brother took a bite, he said it was crunchy at the edge, but soft inside. So I have three paper bags full of mocha chip walnut cookies to share with my officemates on the road… to the beach!

It was a cool morning as I packed and re-packed my stuff (my cute Billabong bag from Mikko broke—the zipper broke, actually. But my dad’s super yayo fixed it. I won’t have to lug my new (and too big) duffel bag—sponsored by Kuya Mong and Nike, haha—with two days worth of clothes.). Now the sun is shining brightly outside and I’m sitting in front of my office PC waiting for the signal to go.

I brought Posh and Leslie, but I wish I brought Helga, too. Man, I have way too many cameras. O_o

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