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The past week was rather hectic and I almost felt a fever coming the other night. (You know, when your throat feels scratchy and all your joints are aching when you wake up?) Instead of drinking medicine, I slept a little bit past 9 for the past two nights. And I’m proud to say, I’m not feeling sick anymore. (: The other night, I woke up every hour after midnight, but willed myself to go back to sleep until 6 in the morning. I managed to get out of bed and was working an hour later on the computer yesterday morning. Go, me!

Are you a workaholic when you expect people to have the same work ethics as you do? You know, get your work done before going home (unless you plan to finish it at home, maybe?) or not having other people worry about your responsibilities as much as possible? I’ve always had a hard time passing work stuff to other people because I’ve always hated people doing that to me. (Back read through my blog archive and you’ll know what I mean, haha) Maybe sometimes, I really should adjust my expectations.

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