While waiting for my files to get transferred to the external harddrive (aka after 10 years)…

When did you start dancing?: My first memory of dancing was my mom “teaching” me ballet in our backyard in Marikina. Ha ha! Yes, it took years and several pictures for me to realize that no, those were not real ballet lessons. It was me and my mom. In our backyard. In leotards and tights—pink and red!

When did you sign up for your first dance class?: Very first class? I’m not really sure, but probably the first real dance class I attended (and paid for) was the one in Powerdance back in college (summer after Freshman year). I wanted so badly to get into UP Street. Heh.

What genre was it?: Street/Hiphop and Jazz.

What type of dance do you do now?: Street/Hiphop and I sometimes attempt (operative word being ATTEMPT) jazz funk/funk fusion.

Do you dance on a team?: Well, kind of.

What’s the team’s name?: UP StreetDance Club in college (I miss!) and the S—– Cru (hahahaha) at work. d:

Where do you usually perform?: My first ever performance for UP Street was at the Cersa Open House in Ateneo. Oh God. The one where we stood motionless for 10 seconds. Ahhhh! O:

How often do you perform?: My last performance was three years ago?

Have you ever been on TV for dance?: Nope.

Have you ever been in the paper for dance?: I think we got featured in a magazine before for a concert.

Have you ever had to compete or do a show with cheerleaders?: I was part of UP Street’s Elevate compet team for two years—one of which we won first place (the following year, we lost to UP Filipiniana?).

Have you ever had to dance to Jock Jams?: Is this a cheerleader thing? The one with sound effects? If yes, then, yes.

What was the last song you performed/competed to?: Last performed to was “Hotline” and “Wait a Minute” at my last UP Street concert. ):

What was your last costume?: I forget what it was called but I was in orange and green. Nya.

What is your current performance song?: Not really a performance song, but we were learning the Switch and Sinden remix of Santogold’s “You’ll Find A Way” two weeks ago in dance class.

How often a week do you dance?: Sigh, not often enough.

Do you choreograph?: No, hehe.

What are you favorite dance movies?: But there are so many! Haha! Save the Last Dance, Step Up 1 and 2, You Got Served, Honey, Bring It On

Has anyone wanted to date you just because you’re a dancer?: Haha parang no. They usually find out after and are very much surprised. :))

Do you have makeup people for your shows?: No, haha! We do our own makeup in UP Street.

What hip hop/pop singer is your dance style closest to?: Eh? I don’t know.

Do you want to dance professionally?: No. (:

What do your friends/family think of your dancing?: My mom used to hate the training and rehearsals. I’d always get home late.

What move/moves are you worst at?: Stunts. Nya.

What move/moves are you best at?: Yung tamang mga pa-cute lang. Hahaha! Kidding. I’m really not sure.

Are dancers stereotyped?: Such as?

Is dancing a sport?: I never really considered it to be, but it should be!

If you could dance at any event what would it be?: Backup for Justin Timberlake. Ahhhhh.

Has anyone ever asked you for your autograph?: Hahaha, not for dancing, though. d:

Did you inherit your dance talent?: My mom loved ballroom dancing, so I’m guessing the dancing gene is from her. d:

And my files still haven’t finished transferring. Hay!

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  • kame-san
    August 13, 2008

    omg. you’re a member of UP streetdance??
    shet. ang galing talaga nila, niyo.