The Worst Night Ever, Part 2 (Okay, Maybe Not)

Remember this horrible, horrible night?

Since I’ve been trying to see the good things in bad situations, here is what didn’t happen.

There were no MIB (Men in Blue aka MMDA aka EVIL PEOPLE) involved.
I did not ride at the back of a wrecker.
There were no bribes involved.
It didn’t take me ten thousand phone calls to get through.

Lessons learned: always keep your Wheelers Card in your wallet (you never know when you’ll need them and I have to say they were quite efficient!), go to the bathroom before travel (hahahaha), keep your mobile phone fully charged, and never ever get involved with those men in blue. They will just make your life a living hell.

Now my night doesn’t seem so bad after all. Time to write my story for today and get to bed.

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