The Return of Macy’s Fields

The past month has revived my baking. It started with the mini cheesecakes I made for our team’s brainstorming. They were really easy to make (they were just your basic baked cheesecake) and putting them in cupcake liners made them easier to serve. We smothered the cakes with Nutella and blueberry preserves. I am drooling just thinking about it.

Then just this weekend, I made MoKahlua cookies (which is easily becoming everyone’s favorite—I wonder why my Kahlua goodies are always an instant fave! hahaha) and mini cheesecakes for my friend’s garage sale. It was just for fun and I ended up selling all the cheesecakes to my friends and my friend’s family.

After dinner tonight, I was munching on a piece of Toffifee. I was thinking of making a Toffifee-inspired cake or cupcake. What do you think of a chocolate cupcake with a Nutella buttercream and caramel drizzle? Will experiment this weekend. (:

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