Thanks, Mikkomix!

My friend Mikko from Alaska has always been an enabler. She gave me a domain on my birthday and was born. When that expired, she hosted me under her domain that changed names over time. Whenever I’d want to order something online, she’d offer to get it for me and then I’d pay her when she’d come home to visit. We’d fuel each others’ dreams of building a bake shop (mine) and a bookstore (hers) and promise that we’d build it someday.

When she told me that she and Tita Tocy (her mom who showers me with such generous baking presents) were putting together a small package for me, I got excited for cupcake liners. That’s it. When her cousin told me that the package was ready to be picked up from their house, I asked the driver to drop by for it after he brought my brothers to work.

He arrived with a larger than normal shoebox plus a plastic bag of cupcake liners (so pretty!). I was wondering, what else could be inside the box? I had to go to work but I couldn’t resist not peeking. I pulled out a dress, 2 skirts, plus a bunch of Ziploc-ed accessories. I was nowhere near unpacking even half of it. My dad was laughing at me because I couldn’t contain my excitement. I put everything back and said, “I’m going to do this tonight so I can savor it!” Hahaha.

So I went to work, had yummy Chinese food, got a pretty surprise from my friend at the shoot, had my favorite milk tea from Serenitea, and COULD. NOT. WAIT. TO. GO. HOME.

I carefully unpacked each item and took a pic (haha). I wasn’t going to post the pics but I had a hard time finding the stuff online, hehe. Can’t wait to wear everything (I’d wear them all together if I could!). This should curb my shopping urges for a while, right? I should keep reminding myself. d:

Got some cute new spatulas plus pretty cupcakes liners, too! My dad had my oven checked out and sadly we have to wait for the service center to check if they’ve still got parts for it. Apparently, it’s an old model that’s already been phased out. Please cross your fingers, toes, and eyes that it can still be fixed. I want to bake again!

Anyway, you guys have an awesome weekend. (:

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