Dinner with my Girlfriends

When I turned 16, I had a party at my house. My mom cooked food and had them lined up on a long table in these fancy-looking chafing dishes. All my friends came and we ended up walking to the park right before everyone left.

This became some sort of tradition since. I’d celebrate my birthday every year with the same chafing dishes and walk to the park. I had the best memories looking back at those parties. I have a stack of photos from one of my parties and we apparently passed them around in class and doodled notes at the back. My friends always remembered how we’d all troop down to the village park before they headed home.

A couple of years ago, I was heartbroken and didn’t feel like throwing a party. That and my mom was already sick. My friends decided not to break the tradition and planned a surprise dessert party for me. I had the most cakes I’ve ever had in my life on that day. It was amazing and I felt so loved.

This year, we just all headed to the mall and had dinner and coffee after work. Nothing extraordinary but it was great!

We tried a new restaurant and although there were a few hits and misses (don’t order the paella if you’re expecting, well, paella), I enjoyed my Salpicao Fried Rice. (:

I used to be the one to arrange our weekly dinners but somewhere along the past year, I kind of stopped. I got busy with work and for the first time in my life, I actually forget to reply to people’s messages! Eep.

My friends say there must be something about my birthday because no matter what, we all come together for it. Even if I’ve stopped having parties or we can’t go to the village park anymore, I know that when I ask my friends if we can have dinner, they’ll make time for it.

We weren’t complete but this is actually the most people we’ve had in a long while. <3

Oh, and of course we had cake!

What an awesome birthday. (: And it’s not over yet! I’m headed out this afternoon to have a slumber party with my college best buds. And then I’m coming home to a family lunch on Sunday. Life is good. Hope you all have a good weekend! (:

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