The Good Things

This four-day week was tiring as hell but it was quite fun.

Monday started out with a field trip down South. I’ve always associated the South with the cemetery because that’s where my Mom’s parents and siblings are buried. The last time I went there, I got into a huge fight with my Mom because… well, I was being a brat. I have a horrible family picture to prove it—with my scowl in the foreground. Harrr. Buuut this trip was nothing like that. Ramen and Cheese Gyoza, Serenitea, Zombieland, M&M Pretzels, and my brand new toy.

Tuesday was a holiday and although I love staying home, sometimes mid-week holidays are strange. You get the “weekend is over” feeling twice in one week! I had my nails painted and stamped with a pretty lace-like pattern. Will write about it for our site soon. I can’t stop staring at it and I’m being extra careful with my hands so my polish won’t chip.

Wednesday was a terribly busy day. A cover shoot in the morning (the model was great so we were finished in record time) and a round table interview with David Archuleta (who is possibly the most adorable boy in the world!). Then there was a wonderful surprise because we got to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in IMAX (thanks to the wonderful people at WB!). I loved it! And Dobby certainly wins best house-elf in a supporting role, hands down. I have mixed feelings about July. Excited, because I want to see the second half. Sad, because it really is over. I want to re-read all the books, but I only have the first four. HAHA, the rest I read on my computer. O:

Thursday was quite busy but uneventful. Except for my ride home, which freaked me out. The cab I got was old and the driver was sick (he opened the door to spit—IN THE MIDDLE OF EDSA WHILE WE WERE GOING AT FULL SPEED). The car stopped in the middle of the road and he had to fill up the tank with gas from a mineral water bottle. I clutched my rosary and bottle of Holy Water (my boss’s pasalubong from her trip to Europe) the entire way home. Then when I paid the driver P200, he gave me P270 for my change! I returned the P100 and he said sorry. He must’ve felt how incredibly anxious I was.

The Aftermath
The Aftermath
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Yesterday, I had my first ever Wee Nam Kee experience. We tried the Chicken Rice with steamed and roast chicken. 2 kinds of kangkong (I liked the one with crispy garlic bits—I had three small servings!) and cereal prawns. I’m definitely going back, but maybe when the hype has died down and it won’t be too hard to get a table.

Today, I woke up at 5am like an old woman. And I think it’s going to be a good day. (:

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