Eager Beaver, 2011 Edition

Most people were dreading their first day back at work. I was mostly bummed at the fact that I couldn’t use the computer while lying on my tummy. Work never really feels like work for me because I do practically the same thing on vacation: surf! The only difference is, I actually upload stories online at work.

But that’s not the point of my entry. I just want to show you another reason why I was so excited to go back to work: my new office supplies!

Goodies from my birthday and Christmas. I love that my friends are equally obsessed with paper products and office supplies. The Candy Girls gave me my second Teneues planner by Hanna Werning. They were worried I wouldn’t like the zebras, but I actually do! Last year’s planner had bunnies and deer. (: My former boss Ines gave me the dolphin paper clips (so cute!). The sticky notes set is from Mark♥Barb. I love it! I was thinking of getting myself another design when we went to National Bookstore’s Work Station launch but I’m glad I didn’t because this pattern is so me! Thank you!

I got these cutesy sticky notes on a trip to Fully Booked with the Candy Girls. Hee. I have another Parisian-themed set but I thought these animals went perfectly with my planner. Donchathink?

How cute is my new mousepad??? Thank you, Margs!!! (: When I opened it, I let out a squeal. She wasn’t kidding when she kept asking me to open it already because she said it was so me. Also, her gift had a bunch of sticky notes, too. (There are so many more I got that are not pictured here!) What I’m going to do with all these notes, IDK. But expect a note from me soon! d:

Here’s my planner finally broken in: my first, uh, plan for the year. And I’m using a pen now instead of pencil because wala lang. That way deadlines, dates, plans are final because using white out is just going to make my planner ugly.

I can’t wait to make plans for 2011!

January 9, 2011



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