Chocoholics Anonymous

Actually, I admit it and embrace my chocoholic-ness wholeheartedly. I’m no chocolate snob. It doesn’t matter if it costs P15 or as much as P1,500. If it’s good chocolate, I’ll eat it and love it just the same.

My love affair with chocolate started at a very young age. I remember Christmas in Marikina when I was a kid. My kuya and I would have our stockings filled with all kinds of chocolate and candy. I remember those blocks of chocolate wrapped in gold paper—some had pinipig, some had nuts. There were also chocolate coins, which tasted so good.

I graduated to Mr. Goodbar, Krackel, Barnone (the best chocolate bar EVER, bar none—DUH), Alpine White, KitKat, and Ferrero Rocher.

Of course, I also had local favorites like Serg’s (RIP, sniff), Goya, and Choki Choki (which I used to have in my mouth 24/7, not kidding).

My most recent finds: Goya Chunky (I like the white one with cashews best), KitKat Orange, and M&M Pretzels (if any of you are coming from abroad, please bring me home a giant bag of this. I will pay you, of course!).

When I was at Yummy Eats a couple of months ago, I came across Risa Fine Bespoke Chocolates. We tried their truffles and my favorites were the ones with orange and Cerveza Negra. Since my friend Koko is friends with the owners, I was able to order through her a Cuadro in Tiramissyou. A block costs P280.

What’s in it? It’s white chocolate with a creamy center and is covered in cocoa powder just like tiramisu. I would have liked a stronger coffee flavor (I’m not sure there even is?), but I liked it enough to order twice. I can only have one piece at a time and I think it’s perfect with a cup of coffee.

I’m not yet sure what I want to try next, but I’m thinking of trying the other flavors of Cuadro. The one with almonds looks really good!

What about you? What are your chocolate obsessions right now?

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The Comments

  • woodycakes
    July 23, 2011

    chocolate forever <3
    i'm still a sucker for crunch and kitkat but i remember getting willy wonka bars from a high school classmate. those were amazing.

    i heart the dove ones, lindt, and any chocolate really. i haven't ever tried the M&M pretzels, i should have made pabili to my tita 🙂

  • Macy
    July 23, 2011

    Ooh I like the Lindor truffles. SOOO GOOD. The ones Dyan got from spot were super yum, too. Have to find out where those are from!

    I'm so sad that they phased out Alpine White and Barnone. Those are my ULTIMATES.