The Goal Here After All Is Not To Hurt At All

Music Monday

Tasty Tuesday

Wishful Wednesday
Hoping for sunny skies for the next four weekends. I’m going on a trip with the Candy Girls two weeks from now. I badly need color on my skin (I’m so pale!) so a little sun won’t hurt. The Candy Fair is happening the week after and we all don’t want another Ondoy to happen. Then on the last weekend of September, I’m attending one of my good friends’ sister’s wedding. It’ll be on the beach! Plus, I don’t have anything to wear to that yet! Eep. I wish one of these dresses would magically appear in my closet.

{images via Topshop, and Dorothy Perkins }

Thoughtful Thursday

Been following Gemma Correll on Instagram. Love her cat sketches!

Fashion Friday

Check out this new (and super pretty!) shopping website called Miss Match. There are lots of brands featured that you can create your own looks with. There are also some pretty images you can add to your look (find Stephie‘s cute stickers!). My best friend is going to love this site!



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