New Year’s Project: Operation Cleanup

I think the last time I cleaned out my closet and room was 2 years ago. We moved about 2 years ago and I’ve been in denial since (I still have 2 boxes in my room that remain unopened).


Yesterday, this horrible mess was staring at me. It felt like a challenge and I was finally up to it. Macy vs The Mess, Part 1.

My problem with this closet is I only have a tiny space for clothes on hangers (that small section on the left. As you can see, most of my clothes are on hangers. So I had to figure out which clothes I could fold and keep in neat piles instead.

So I took the pants, jackets, and cardigans off the hangers and folded them. That meant I had closet space for skirts and dresses on hangers!

 I managed to keep my doors clear except for one, where I hung my blazers and vests (I’ve accumulated 6!).

The casualties: add 3 more plastic bags and 2 huge plastic containers to this pile. I really don’t know why I keep holding on to things I clearly have no intention of wearing (like these ridiculous velvet pants, for example). These all went into the loving and welcoming arms of our maid, driver, and houseboy, who were all so excited to venture into my makeshift ukay-ukay. Haha!

Now that’s done, time to clear the rest of my room of all the neglected beauty products, paper bags that have been sitting gathering dust, and receipts and dress tags I unintentionally collect. 2012, my room will be ready for your junk in no time. Har har!

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