Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesdays: Plans

♥ A foodie pact between friends: to try new restaurants this year.
♥ 13-item itineraries, Facebook message threads, and email trails!
♥ A trip to Singapore for the first time ever.
♥ …a trip outside of the Philippines in what seems like years. I don’t remember the last time I traveled out of the country!
♥ Bright nails to cheer me up on these gloomy days.
♥ Moral support from friends in light of bad news.
♥ Buying a new pen for travel-related entries in my planner. (:
♥ The beach in February!
♥ My best friend’s wedding in less than a month!
♥ A Candy wedding this March, which means another trip to get excited for.

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