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There are days when I get lucky to step outside my actual job (which has got a lot to do with this website), and do something completely different. Well maybe not totally, but definitely something I don’t usually do as a website editor.

My very first racket was for Yummy, a story on using coconut in different recipes. Former Candy fashion editor Shar assigned me and we shot everything in her house. I was sooo nervous, but got so kilig when I saw my name in the magazine. Actually, I’m still so amazed that I have a recipe page on their website. Imagine how excited I was when they asked me to be part of the panel for their big dessert issue two years ago (multiple exclamation points here). Crazy!

My other side jobs would be web-related features for our sister magazines. Haha! I think because I handle our magazine’s website, people just assume that I would want to write about the Internet and everything related to it. Hehe! P.S. I can write about other topics too.

One of the major rackets I did was for the Team Azkals magazine last year. It was my first cover story (eep) and it just had to be with the Younghusband brothers (I had a huuuge crush on James when we first shot him for Candy years ago, wahaha!). Then add the fact that I have no sporty bone in my body. I managed to get through the interview part with the help of Mimi and Jo. And thank goodness for my brother, who’s a football nut, I was able to understand all the terminology that popped up in my transcription. I was so happy to see the final layout when the pages were being proofed.

It’s been a while since I’ve done an interview so I was actually thrilled when Liz of Yummy asked if I wanted to contribute for an issue. Of course I still got nervous, fumbled nervously through my questions, and had scary thoughts of the recorder conking out midway (must always remember to take notes!). I haven’t written the article yet (hehe), but hopefully it’ll come out okay. (:

Though I super love my job, I’m glad for all these extra things I get to do on the side. It keeps me from ever getting bored and I get to do stuff with the other magazines I like! Can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

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