Made It Myself: Braids and Seed Beads Bracelets

Spent all of Sunday afternoon finishing up my handmade gifts for my friends in the office. I originally wanted to make my own version of these morse code bracelets, but I got reacquainted with this necklace I pinned a few months ago. Instead of necklaces, though, I made bracelets. I used silver seed beads, but ran out in the middle of the 11 bracelets I was making so I alternated some with gold ones.

I used mostly pink, peach, yellow, and greens from my mom’s stash of string. I made sure to include green in all of the bracelets because 2013’s year of the color is emerald. (:

And because I wanted to go handmade all the way, I made these pillow boxes out of an old paper bag. They’re not perfect (because I missed a step!!! Hahaha!), but I’m pretty happy with how they look. You can make your own by following this tutorial on Mikko’s website.

* Made It Myself will be a section I’ll update regularly with all handmade and DIY projects. (:

December 16, 2012



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