Made It Myself: Pastel-Colored Roses On Cupcakes

Ever since I learned how to frost cupcakes with my Wilton 1m star tip, I’ve been making my icing look like roses on top of my cupcakes.

When my friend Marla asked me to make cupcakes for her little sister’s 18th birthday, I was wondering how to “dress them up nicely” for the debut. While I was mixing three different bowls of icing into pink, purple, and yellow, I tried to think of a way to achieve a sort of gradient effect on my frosting roses.

I scooped a tablespoon each into my Dessert Decorator Pro (the BEST thing EVER!) and continued until I filled it. When I started piping onto the cupcakes, I got exactly what I wanted! A purple-pink-yellow gradient magically appeared. So so so happy with how it turned out and now I can’t wait to experiment more with colored frosting!

And because I hate storing leftover buttercream (and eventually forgetting I kept it in the first place then having to throw it out, anyway), I made just enough frosting for the 18 cupcakes with a few tablespoons left for the remaining 6. I frosted them Iced Gems-style and I have to admit, they still look pretty cute.

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